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     Samaritan House Community Ministries

Working to Empower Individuals

Scrunchie Fundraiser

For the past year, Georgian mall and Samaritan House have coordinated to have a scrunchie fundraiser in the mall. All proceeds going towards helping women and families recovering from domestic violence. 

The scrunchies are handmade and are made with mostly recycled materials. They are  fantastic quality and can be used on all types of hair. 

They are priced at $6 each or 2/$10. Please contact us if interested in purchasing a scrunchie or stay tuned for our next booth at the Georgian Mall. 

Samaritan House Community Ministries is devoted to serving the most vulnerable within our community of Barrie and Simcoe County. It is our passion to extend  our assistance and services to those struggling from various social and physical setbacks. Individuals whom we have been able to serve include those struggling with violence and/or poverty including many working poor families or single parents struggling to survive on minimum wage income. Others are recovering from domestic abuse situations, mental or physical illness, as well as unemployment issues.

The heart of our agency is to offer hope and to create community. Samaritan House Community Ministries strives to accomplish this through meeting our clients needs via advocacy, housing or many of the programs we offer to assist them. It is our goal that we can work with our clients to empower such persons to become self-sufficent.

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