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     Samaritan House Community Ministries

Working to Empower Individuals
About Programs
Samaritan House Community Ministries offers a great amount of programs that can help everyone in a different way, from Children's Literacy Programs, to Adult Computer Programs and much more. Please see of our "Program" drop down menu.
At Samaritan House we are dealing most often with vulnerable women and children who have been victims of abuse, social isolations, poor health and/or mental illness. We are here to learn and understand your needs and wants and help you, within our capacity, succeed and find fulfillment and joy. Our goal is to provide services that are entered around empowering individuals to their full potential. 
The services we are able to offer include:
  • Individual supports
  • Supports for women and children 
  • Housing supports
  • Guidance on referrals
  • Clothing donations
  • After Care
  • Life skills programs
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