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     Samaritan House Community Ministries

Working to Empower Individuals
Transitional Safe Housing

Our Transitional Housing provides safe housing for Women and Children escaping or recovering from domestic abuse or violence. Our program provides comfortable, affordable, furnished apartments where women and children can feel safe in order to rebuild their lives. We provide programming that will educate women on identifying abuse patterns, learn to break the cycle of violence and build self-esteem and independence. We also provide Life Skills, Parenting, Budgeting, and Job Search training. Our programs will educate and empower women with self-confidence and the necessary skill sets to become self-sufficient over long term. We also have a house for individuals. It is a 3 bedroom house intended to support 3 individual single women in a shared home.

If you find yourself in a domestic violence or abuse  situation, have recently left this situation, of foresee needing housing in the near future please go to our inquire below or call us at 705-791-7731/ email at

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