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     Samaritan House Community Ministries

Working to Empower Individuals





Transition House

"Living at the Transition House helped me

in so many ways. I have leanred to do many

things on my own much better, like

managing my money, learning computer

and journal writing. My confidence has really

grown through my writing and I am very happy

to say I have two part-time jobs now."

-Judy Resident


Tutoring Program

"After nine months as a student in the Samaritan House Tutoring Program, Kyle's confidence grew. His marks improved and his attitude towards learning changed. When Kyle was in grade 9 he wanted to help out as a tutor and worked for a year in the tutoring program at Samaritan House. With all his hard work and preseverance, Kyle recieved a Certificate of Excellence Award in grade 9."

-Cindy (Kyle's Mother)


" The partnership between Samaritan House and Kind Edward school has been a highly effective example of the role the community can play in helping to enhance student's achievement. We are most appreciative of the volunteers' efforts with our students."

-Catherine Hannon. (Principal of King Edward School)


Computer Program

"While sitting at the Ontario Works office, about 2 years ago, I noticed an item on the bulletin board that ead "free computer course' I called and enrolled. I have not only learned computer programs such as microsoft works, excel and powerpoint, I have obtained some employment because of them."-Paul W


Placement Student

"As an outsider looking at the various services offered by Samaritan House, I am very impressed with the calibre of assistance people are recieving. Every person who works of  volunteers at Samaritan House is caring, thoughtful and dedicated to helping others. The drop-in program is extremely well run by a group of wonderful volunteers who work hard to keep things running smoothly. The program offers much more than clothing and household items for people in need; it offers a warm, inviting place where people can come and get a cup of coffee and talk to someone who truely cares!"





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